Living with a vegan, it sounds much more difficult than it actually is. I have been vegetarian since January but my man has been strictly vegan for three strong years.

Now one of the bonuses of this is all the extra events you hear about through all the different vegan forums and pages. But this weekends vegan extravaganza was my favourite so far.

KERB- Living on the Veg. Almost hidden just off Granary Square in King Cross. We were in for a treat. 8 different street food stalls all serving the vegan creme de la creme from their everyday menus.

When we arrived were each issued with a wristband, 2 tokens and a ticket which had little tabs allowing us to eat at each stall.


But first I set about using my shiny pink token- my free drink. I grabbed a vodka cocktail and went to find my man in one of the many queues.

The food was insane! Vegan chicken, tacos even a vegan mud pie. Being far too sensible we set out completing the stands in order. The queues appeared big but went down super quick. You could see the excitement in people’s faces as you edged closer to the front.


The bar was well stocked with spirits, wine and beer. The toilets were clean (silent cheer) and the music was great.


Now, second to eating all the ridiculous food, one of the best parts of the evening was voting for your favourite dish- the second of the two tokens I mentioned earlier!

The event ran on Saturday too and around 11pm last night they announced that PETARE was the winner. The most delicious Venezuelan ‘chip butty’. Well done PETARE! We will be hitting you up again soon! And a big yay for everyone else involved. You filled my tummy and gave me the Friday night glow.


KERB do lots of other food events so be sure to check them out and see if any are right up your street (excuse the pun).