Are you kind? If you really thought about your actions and the way you live your daily life, could you honestly say yes?

On my way home this evening I saw a homeless man. I see him quite regularly. He’s around 50 and he always sits in the same spot. He doesn’t have any belongings with him so I am sure he must have some kind of accommodation somewhere although I’m sure none of us, if we saw it, would call it a home. This man has learning difficulties so I am sure his daily struggles are more than we can begin to imagine however he always manages a polite hello or a smile.

There he was today sat in his usual spot. I checked my purse, I had no change. I checked the cash machine, a huge queue. I know I could have helped but I went past with a small hello and a smile, he smiled back and it made me feel better. Behind me was a group of 4 men. One of them stopped and it made me smile that someone was speaking to him. Then I overheard him, taunting this man. Taunting him because he was asking for some change. I walked on, annoyed with myself for not saying anything but also sad for the world we live in. Sad that people get a kick from being so unkind. Sad that people encourage such behaviour in their peers.

My Granddad had a saying “It’s nice to be nice” and it really is. Do we gain anything from being unkind? It’s so easy to look the other way when someone is struggling to get on the bus with lots of bags. It’s so easy to ignore a homeless person when you’ve got a lot on your mind. It’s even easier to roll an eye at work when someone needs something explaining one time more than others.

Imagine if each day we took the time to do something kind. A split second of your time to smile, to explain, to acknowledge. Would it change your day dramatically? Would it take a huge chunk out of your day? The answer, probably not. But the affect it has on the other person is huge.

A random act of kindness everyday, it doesn’t take much but the affect is huge. And when you ask yourself the question, are you kind, I’m sure at the end of that day you will most definitely be able to answer yes. And doesn’t that feel nice. After all, it really is nice to be nice.

A Girl with an Issue x

Who am I?


Who am I? Just an ordinary girl. Living life, trying to carve a path for myself in my career. Probably just like many of you reading this. So, what makes me special? What makes me think I should be telling you all this? Well the answer is absolutely nothing.

Over the past few years so many different issues have filled my mind and this summer it dawned on me… if they bother me they must bother other people too. My hope is to use this blog as a platform to discuss the things that bother everyday people living everyday lives. Everything from equality, women’s rights, body image, self-esteem, anxiety, mental health, finding love, self love and everything in-between.

My hope is that you’ll join me on my new journey and share any issues you have along the way.

A Girl with an Issue X